Chances are you’ve been looking around for an effective anti-wrinkle, face lift or body contouring solution. A lot of our clients end up coming to us after having tried alternative treatments ranging from the likes of Botox to thread lifts as well as all types of diet regiments.

One of the most common body modifications/improvement treatments out there is Botox. Botox which is short for Botulinum toxin acts, well, as a toxin for your muscles. Scientists discovered that by paralysing the muscles Botox could be used to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face as well as other areas of your body.

Are there Benefits to Botox?

Although Botox is mostly associated with face lifts, smoothing out wrinkles and maybe the odd frozen smile we see on the faces of some movie stars, it actually has a range of lesser known uses to the lay people

-Botox can be used as a treatment for migraines and headaches. A study was conducted by Chan et al in 2009 in which 12 adolescents were given an average of 42 Botox injections over the course of 3-29 months. 6 of the adolescents under went long term Botox treatment and there was a decrease in the amount of pain they felt. However, there were some side effects such as blurred vision, tingling sensations etc.

-Botox is also being used to treat excessive treatments for example if you suffer from sweaty palm or else under arms.

It was so effective in fact that there was an 80% + improvement in patients who suffered from sweaty palms as showcased by this research. As for those who had under arm issues, the Botox treatment had a long term benefit

Another use, as mentioned by the NHS is that Botox treatments are used to alleviate the symptoms of an overactive bladder. The paper by University Hospital Southampton reports that it reduced the frequency that subjects needed to use the bathroom. Additionally, 75% of the women going through the Botox treatment had reduced their urinary incontinence.

-Is Botox safe

One of the major issues with Botox being used as an anti-wrinkle, face lift & filler treatment would be it’s safety. Naturally Botox treatment has improved over time thanks to research and the ability to be more cautious regardless, side effects can still unfortunately be a common occurrence especially for long term Botox

The main side effects of Botox would be it working “too” effectively, aimed at paralysing the muscles, it can lead to excessive paralyses which is the reason for the frozen expressions you’ll see on some individuals who have undergone the treatment.

Side effects can include difficulty chewing and swallowing, muscle aches as well as speech disturbances as found by Park et al. However, over time these effects can reduce naturally.

It can also be unsafe depending on the psychological state of the person undergoing treatment. There are a range of cases in which people simply get addicted to Botox treatment and regardless of their being an obvious improvement which everyone else can see they themselves don’t feel fulfilled and can end up spending tens of thousands of pounds over the course of a couple years to try and reach their goal.

With regards to botox treatment, unfortunately it’s not a one time thing, and you have to continuously top up as the muscles heal from the treatment.

Ultimately it is up to yourself and there are a number of success stories which is the reason why Botox is so popular especially amongst celebrities and the Hollywood elite. You’ll find a range of Botox clinics available in Northern Ireland, a large number of them are in Belfast.