Brazilian Bum Lift

One of the most popular trends in the beauty industry is to get that irresistible Brazilian butt lift. Not surprisingly, everything from Instagram butt models, to the incorporation of “thicc” in lingo to the promotion of “big booty babes” in pop culture. The buttock lift will give you the right proportions in order to have an attractive and harmonious figure. But before you go ahead and tell someone to hold your cocktail the next time you see Kim Kardashian on your news feed feel free to read up on the procedure.

A butt lift implies a transfer of fat in order to give you the round and attractive bottom without using other materials such as silicone for instance. The fat is usually transferred from other parts of your body such as your hips or your abdomen. And the procedure done to remove the fat and transfer it, is called liposuction. So, this type of intervention will not just give you an impressive bum but it can also help you get rid of some extra fat in other parts of your body which is handy if you’re going for an hour glass figure. However, you do need an expert in the matter to get this done because you don’t afford to take any risks when it comes to your body and, especially, your curves.

In a regular buttock lift you should expect general anaesthesia for this procedure and a significant amount of time to completely recover from such an intervention. Even if the risks for a bum lift are minimal, it is not considered a minor surgery so you should be prepared for some pain in order to get the perfect results that you are dreaming for. But hey, no pain no gain right?

And speaking of recovery, your doctor will give you all the guidelines that you need to respect to recover faster following an operation on your bottom. Each body is different so you might not react in the same way others react which calls for a personalised recovery plan. But before you know it, you will feel healthy again and you will enjoy a perfectly proportioned Brazilian butt that will look great in jeans, skirts and of course bikini’s! The most complicated thing about recovery seems to be sleeping on your stomach and avoid sitting for a while on your sensitive bum. But again, your doctor will give you the right direction in how to perform daily tasks in modified positions so you don’t put pressure on your butt.

If you’re looking for a non surgical alternative for a Brazilian bum / buttock lift feel free to give us a call and find out how we can get you the results you want.

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