Thread lifts were a popular alternative as a means of anti-aging. Whether you’re from Ballymena, Ballyclare, Belfast or anywhere else in Northern Ireland chances are you came across this wondering whether or not you should get a thread lift done for yourself.

Thread lift treatments were popularised in the 1990’s and used as a means of less invasive treatment as an alternative to plastic surgery. It uses barbed thread in order to rejuvenate the face. These uni- and bi-directional barbs or else cogs are meant to help alleviate sagging on a persons face, neck, eyebrows, jowls as well as their cheeks.

However, downsides from the treatment were quickly discovered. Things such as thread breakage, puckering of the area treated etc. In fact in a study by Saredesi which performed 113 procedures on 75 patients between 2004-2006 found 30 of the patient to have problems resulting because of the surgery. Due to the complications (mainly extrusions) a lot of these threads had to be either removed or reapplied to the area.

Additionally, they were disappointed in the lack of long term results due to the treatment. In fact in a radiologic finding it was discovered that the thread’s that had been used to treat a woman’s face and neck had ended up fragmenting and changing direction as shown in a skull radiograph.

The fact that the effects of thread lifts, be it brow lifts, neck lifts or for a face lift are so short term is one of the reasons people are hesitant to use them. In order for them to be effective, you do have to continuously get them sorted, and at times fixed if they end up fragmenting. Due to this, you can quickly find yourself out of pocket.

A study by Abraham et al. discovered that patients that only underwent a thread lift operation showed less aesthetic improvement compared to other patients that utilised a non-thread lift treatment or else thread lifts with other procedures.

So although thread lifts certainly can showcase short term improvement, it probably isn’t the best solution as a long term anti-aging treatment.