Tummy Tuck is a term that has been in vogue for some time now. With the cosmetic benefits as well as speed of the solution it’s hardly surprising why.

Also known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck procedure tightens your stomach muscles and helps to get rid of any unsightly abdominal creases, or excess flab. It’s a common treatment sought out by women who suffer from “mummy tummy” or people who have a lot of extra skin following weight loss.

It’s a cosmetic procedure that does require going under the knife and anaesthetic. Although, usually thought of a means of cosmetic surgery it can be applied to help alleviate a variety of medical ailments. These range from back pain and urinary incontinence to treating hernias or improving posture.

A full tummy tuck procedure can take anywhere between one and five hours to complete depending on the person being operated on. Like most surgeries that require going under the knife, Tummy Tuck treatments do carry a variety of risks. These are getting rarer as technology improves, but examples are blood clots, cardiac & pulmonary complications or infection.

If a person does experience complications following the procedure this results in a delay in recovery and can sometimes require additional surgery. Skin necrosis, where the skin dies following surgery, would require a skin graft in order to solve the issue. Thankfully, it’s a very rare condition, exacerbated only if you’re a smoker. As a result, patients are advised to stop smoking several weeks before undergoing the treatment.

One side affect that one should consider before committing to a tummy tuck is the scar that’s left after the surgery. This would be the scar where the incision was made across the hip. The size of it does depend on the extent of surgery done. Although, one way your surgeon will try minimise the effect is by ensuring it rests on the swimsuit line as so it’s covered by clothes. The procedure can take up to nine months for the scars to improve, but they are permanent.

The range of price for a Tummy Tuck is between £4500 – £6000. However, this doesn’t take into consideration any additional consultation fees or any additional surgery to fix out complications (this can sometimes require doing a second Tummy Tuck).

Depending on what suits you best you can decide to go for a surgical or non surgical tummy tuck treatment.

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